Amazon Affiliate Niche Website Building Service

Amazon Affiliate Niche Website Building Service.
Let Me Build You A Niche Site That Makes Money From Amazon!
(Start Your Passive Income Journey With Confidence!)

I Have Made More Than 20 Amazon Niche Sites

I Have Discovered 3 Ways to Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program From A Niche Site

I want to help you make money using my strategy

​I decided to start this website to document and share my strategies, tactics, and resources that helped me earn that (mostly) passive income by building and growing Amazon niche websites.


 How I Made $7,000 in 12 Months (June 01,2015-June 01,2016) With Amazon Niche Sites (And Why They Still Work)

  • I Had Created An Amazon Affiliate Program Account
  • I Had chosen products that I wanted to affiliate on my Amazon niche site.
  • Then I Had Designed A Blog Using WordPress.
  • My Friend Has Provided Me an Article . He Has Written Products Reviews. (Around 8,000 Words)
  • I Posted Articles , uploaded My Affiliate Products Image, Submitted My Affiliate Link in My Niche Site.
  • I Researched Suitable Keywords For My Blog
  • I Hired An SEO Expert to Create Backlinks For My Blog.
  • I Got My Website listed on 1st Page of Google After 43 Days.
  • My Blog Has been getting Around 300 Targeted Visitors daily from Google Search.
  • Monthly I have Been earning Around $600 From my One Niche Website.

Look My Affiliate Earning Proofs ( 12 Months Earning Proofs )
Look My Affiliate Earning Proofs ( 1 Month Earning Proofs )

What have I Learnt ?

If I Build an Amazon Niche Website, If I Research A suitable Amazon Affiliate Product, If I Research A Suitable Keyword and If I Do SEO Perfectly Then I Should Earn Monthly Around $500.There’s no guarantee that you’ll reach the same success. But you should earn money from amazon affiliate program if you have a amazon niche site.

That is My Average Income from Amazon Affiliate Program. But That is Not Enough For Me.
1-I Build Amazon Affiliate Marketing Niche Site
2-My Website Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program (Monthly Average 500usd)
3-I Sell That Established Website in

I sell Website In . is a largest Website and Domain buying and Selling Marketplace In the world.

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About Me

I’m Mr. Maku. Owner Of I am a Web Designer, Social Media Marketer, Amazon Product Research Expert, Niche and Keyword Selection Expert. Blogger, Affiliate Marketer & Speaker Who Can Teach You How to Build Profitable Niche Sites. I Have a Team of 7 Members. They Are Experts in Niche selection, Content Writing, Social Media Marketer. I Always Help Beginners to Make Money From Amazon.

I Have Started Amazon Affiliate Marketing Journey in 2015. I have Built More That 20 Niche Sites For My Clients since then and They are fully Satisfied With My Work .

What Do you Need to Earn Money From Amazon Affiliate Program ?

First Make sure that you are really serious to make money online. If yes then No problem. You have to spend a lot of time to make it work.
1st: You should create an Amazon Affiliate account. You can do this here:

2nd: You Have to Select Products from One Category.
3rd: Then You Need a Niche Site. You Need a Minimum of 2 Articles with around 10,000 words. (You will add there your Amazon Affiliate products’ reviews and descriptions).
4th: Then You Need suitable keywords, because You need targeted visitors to your website.
5th: Now You Need SEO/Linkbuilding For Your Website.
6th: You Have to wait around 20-40 Days. When SEO will be done Properly,You will get traffic from Google.
7th: You will start earning!


My Team & I Designed This Service For You, If…
  • You are new to internet marketing and making money in the online world, and want to start your journey
  • You know the details of niche site building but you are not confident enough to start your own
  • You are an online entrepreneur and want to diversify your online income stream
  • You are planning to build a website flipping business
  • You are an affiliate marketer with multiple portfolio sites, and are looking for a team of dependable and highly talented professionals to grow your business faster
  • You are an investor looking to establish a niche site investment company



I will build your site with the same exact strategy I use with my own sites!


Profitable Niche Selection

We Will Research Few Profitable Niches For You That Easily you Can Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program.we will send you some niches so you can decide on what is right for you before we start working

Complete  Keyword Research

We Will Research Key Suitable Keywords For Your Niche Site That Easily you Can get Google 1st Page Top 10 Rank and making them easy to rank and we ensure the profitability the site.

Professional Site/Blog Design

We Will Give you A Professional Custom Design Using CMS WordPress That Easily you Can Post/Update Contents.Poor site and content design can land you a manual penalty.


Premium Logo Design

We will Design a Premium Logo For Your Blog That Looks More Professional One of our greatest focuses is design.

High Quality Contents

You Need High Quality Contents for Your Niche Site That we can provide you.We will Give You Unique High Quality Contents .

Email Support For You

We Understand That you Must need Good support after designed Your Niche site. You should get good support From Us. My Team members are Ready to give you email support.

What You Will Get From Me

1. Amazon Affiliate Maeketing Niche Website (I Will select a Niche For You and I will design your Blog That Makes Money From Amazon Affiliate Program)
2. Amazon Affiliate Product Research (I Will Research Few Products For You Affiliate Income )
3. Unique Product Review Articles With 10,000 Words (My Team Members will Write High Quality Content For Your Blog)
4. Best Keyword Research For SEO To get Your Site On Google’s 1st Page ( I will Research Best Keywords For Your Blog. I want your site to be listed on first page of Google)
5. Email Support ( I Will Give You 6 Months of Free Email Support )


  • Niche Selection
  • Amazon Affiliate Product Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Unique Blog Design
  • Premium Logo & Graphics
  • High Quality Content - 10,000 Words
  • Contact Us Page/Form Setup
  • 6 Months Free Email Support
  • SEO Friendly Unique Content
  • Deliver in 15 Days


  • Niche Selection
  • Amazon Affiliate Product Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Unique Blog Design
  • Premium Logo & Graphics
  • High Quality Content - 20,000 Words
  • Contact Us Page/Form Setup
  • 12 Months Free Email Support
  • SEO Friendly Unique Content
  • Deliver in 20 Days

15 thoughts on “Amazon Affiliate Niche Website Building Service

  1. Excellent service. He made me a niche site . This November I earned totally $374.84. I would like to order for another site.

  2. I am Sarma from India.
    He has built this site: for me.
    Now my website is listed on google 1st page. Search this keyword : Best Shower Head . Now see My site is listed in google 1st page.
    Now I am earning monthly around $500 with amazon affiliate program. I had invested around $750usd. Maku Had provided me a professional seo service provider. that seo expert had taken $290usd for complete SEO for my niche site. That is really amazing service.

  3. Hay Mr. Maku,
    I am Noor from Islamabad,Pakistan.
    79 days has gone. I invested $600usd($395 with Maku and $200 with seo supplier).”Mr.Maku has also provided a freelancer who is seo expert. I have invested with this seo expert for my website. I have gotten my website on google 1st page top 7th rank from a keyword which Maku has provided. But I earned only $179.88 from 1st dec 2016-31 dec and $208.41 from 1st Jan-25th Jan. But i would like to earn monthly around $500usd. Can you help me?

    1. @Noor,
      Mr. Noor.Thanks for your comment. I will be happy if you send email. Yes i noted that you had Purchased an amazon affiliate niche site from me. I had provided you low competition keyword for get google top 10 rank.
      Its mean if you get your website on google 1st page then you should earn monthly minimum 200usd from amazon. Because I always select a keyword which will drive targeted visitors to your website. So you should earn monthly minimum $200usd. But If you want to earn more then you should use Social media marketing.
      “As you said your website current position is 7th”. so please create more backlinks for your niche site.. then your should get more traffics+more revenue.

  4. I invested $395usd with Mr Maku and $220usd With an SEO provider. Now my site is earning around $350usd.

  5. Mark

    I need to buy a niche site thats make money with amazon. I know you will select a niche,you will build a niche site, you will research amazon affiliate product and you will research keyword for drive targeted customers from google search engine.
    But I dont have any knowledge about SEO. So how Do I finish this seo process if i buy a niche site from you?actually I dont know to how to do SEO.

    1. @Mark, Thanks for your comment. Yes I will give you Amazon affiliate niche site which will make money with amazon affiliate program.If you dont know SEO/Backlink creation Then I Can provide you few cheap freelancers. they are SEO Experts. They will give you SEO service for your niche site.I will select a niche and I will select a keyword for your blog which will come to google 1st page in 30-50 days.
      So you have to spend around $200-$400usd with SEO Experts for improve your Ranking on google. If you can spend 200-400usd for seo then easily you will get monthly 5000+ visitors customers from google to your niche site. And easily you should earn minimum 200usd with amazon.
      I would like to help to all beginners: Email Me:


  6. Hi Mr Maku,
    6 Months ago i had brought this website : from you. You had selected this keyword: best portable air compressor . You had also given me a SEO expert. I had spent 200usd with that seo expert.that seo expert had completed seo in 50 days. Now My website is in google 1st page top 5th Rank.
    But I am earning monthly $270usd-$290usd. I would like to earn around $500usd from amazon affiliate. can you help me ?

    1. @Jean Mbina, Thanks for your Comment. If you would like to earn monthly 500usd then you have to do seo for more keywords.
      kindly email me : . I will research more 3 keywords for your website. I hope you can earn more.I will select more 3 keywords for you. you will knock the seo expert for search engine optimization. I hope you can earn more.

  7. Ashif khan

    Pliz help me regarding how should i’ll earned

  8. Dear Mr.Maku. I had purchased an amazon affiliate marketing blog for earn with amazon from you.
    You had selected 2 keywords for my website and you had given me a person who are seo expert. I had paid him 210usd for 3 months ( Feb ,2017- April.2017) Now My website is earning monthly $180-$190usd. But I would like to earn monthly $300usd. can you help me?

    1. Thanks for your response. Kindly send your website and 2 keywords which i selected for you. send to ; 1st I have to check your keyword competition. If you would like to earn more then you need to do more white hat seo. again contact with seo expert who was working for you. I hope you can earn more.

  9. Mr. Maku,
    You had delivered this blog: . That is earning monthly avg. $200usd with amazon affiliate marketing.
    I want to earn $500+. I need your help.

    1. Thanks for your comments. Kindly send me email : . I hope
      i had provided you 2 suitable keywords and 1 seo expert who will rank your website in 3-5 months. I hope you need to do onpage optimization. so please knock to the seo suppliers. he can help you. but you dont need to spend more than 100usd for that.I hope you can start your earning monthly around 500usd within 2-5 months.

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